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16. Persons / F. Free Will / 2. Free Will Theories / b. Determinism

[everything is determined, so there is no free will]

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Democritus said everything happens of necessity, by natural motion of atoms [Democritus ,by Cicero]
Some say there is a determinate cause for every apparently spontaneous event [Democritus ,by Aristotle]
No one wants to be bad, but bad men result from physical and educational failures, which they do not want or choose [Plato]
If everything is by necessity, then even denials of necessity are by necessity [Epicurus]
There is no necessity to live with necessity [Epicurus]
Whoever knows future causes knows everything that will be [Cicero]
If the future does not exist, how can prophets see it? [Augustine]
Does foreknowledge cause necessity, or necessity cause foreknowledge? [Boethius]
God's universal foreknowledge seems opposed to free will [Boethius]
If a man suddenly develops an intention of doing something, the cause is out of his control, not in his will [Hobbes]
Those actions that follow immediately the last appetite are voluntary [Hobbes]
We think we are free because we don't know the causes of our desires and choices [Spinoza]
The actual world is the only one God could have created [Spinoza]
'Free will' is a misunderstanding arising from awareness of our actions, but ignorance of their causes [Spinoza]
Men are not free to will, because they cannot help willing [Locke]
People argue for God's free will, but it isn't needed if God acts in perfection following supreme reason [Leibniz]
Everything which happens is not necessary, but is certain after God chooses this universe [Leibniz]
We think we are free because the causes of the will are unknown; determinism is a false problem [Leibniz]
If a supreme intellect knew all atoms and movements, it could know all of the past and the future [Laplace]
Man's actions are not free, because they follow strictly from impact of motive on character [Schopenhauer]
A thought comes when 'it' wants, not when 'I' want [Nietzsche]
I cannot prepare myself for the next thought I am going to think [Ryle]
Determinism claims that every event has a sufficient causal pre-condition [Chisholm]
To believe in determinism, one must believe in a system which determines events [Anscombe]
Determinism says there can't be two identical worlds up to a time, with identical laws, which then differ [Lewis]
Every event having a cause, and every event being determined by its cause, are not the same [Scruton]
Two versions of quantum theory say that the world is deterministic [Ladyman/Ross]