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16. Persons / F. Free Will / 6. Determinism / b. Fate

[our own efforts are made pointless by determinism]

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Sooner follow mythology, than accept the 'fate' of natural philosophers [Epicurus]
The Lazy Argument responds to fate with 'why bother?', but the bothering is also fated [Chrysippus, by Cicero]
Fate is an eternal and fixed chain of causal events [Chrysippus]
When we say events are fated by antecedent causes, do we mean principal or auxiliary causes? [Chrysippus]
Even Apollo can only foretell the future when it is naturally necessary [Carneades, by Cicero]
Sloth's Syllogism: either it can't happen, or it is inevitable without my effort [Leibniz]
The human heart has a tiresome tendency to label as fate only what crushes it [Camus]