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25. Society / E. State Functions / 4. Education / a. Education principles

[principles and values in educating the young]

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He spent public money on education, as it benefits the individual and the state [Protagoras, by Diodorus of Sicily]
Education is the greatest of human goods [Xenophon]
Children's games should channel their pleasures into adult activity [Plato]
Mathematics has the widest application of any subject on the curriculum [Plato]
Control of education is the key office of state, and should go to the best citizen [Plato]
To gain knowledge, turn away from the world of change, and focus on true goodness [Plato]
Dialectic is the highest and most important part of the curriculum [Plato]
Bad governments prevent discussion, and discourage the study of virtue [Plato]
Aristotle said the educated were superior to the uneducated as the living are to the dead [Aristotle, by Diog. Laertius]
Books are endless, and study is wearisome [Anon (Ecc)]
Learned men gain more in one day than others do in a lifetime [Posidonius]
Communists want to rescue education from the ruling class [Marx/Engels]
We are not inspired by other people's knowledge; a sense of our ignorance motivates study [Peirce]
To learn something, you must know that you don't know [Frege]
Interest in education gains strength when we lose interest in God [Nietzsche]
Education in large states is mediocre, like cooking in large kitchens [Nietzsche]
Education is contrary to human nature [Nietzsche]
Learning is evolution in the brain [Dennett]