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23. Ethics / A. Egoism / 2. Hedonism

[central aim of life being individual pleasure]

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Is the happiest state one of sensual, self-indulgent freedom? [Plato]
If you lived a life of maximum pleasure, would you still be lacking anything? [Plato]
A life of pure pleasure with no intellect is the life of a jellyfish [Plato]
Hedonists must say that someone in pain is bad, even if they are virtuous [Plato]
Licentiousness concerns the animal-like pleasures of touch and taste [Aristotle]
All inventions of the mind aim at pleasure, and those that don't are worthless [Metrodorus of Lamp., by Plutarch]
People need nothing except corn and water [Chrysippus, by Plutarch]
Things are good and evil only in reference to pleasure and pain [Locke]