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15. Nature of Minds / B. Features of Minds / 1. Consciousness / a. Consciousness

[general ideas about consciousness]

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In all living beings I am the light of consciousness, says Krishna [Anon (Bhag)]
Leibniz introduced the idea of degrees of consciousness, essential for his monads [Leibniz, by Perkins]
A consciousness without an object is no consciousness [Schopenhauer]
Life is not determined by consciousness, but consciousness by life [Marx/Engels]
Our instincts had to be blunted and diminished, to make way for consciousness! [Cioran]
Unlike Marxists, Foucault explains thought internally, without deference to conscious ideas [Foucault, by Gutting]
A system is either conscious or it isn't, though the intensity varies a lot [Searle]
Consciousness has a first-person ontology, which only exists from a subjective viewpoint [Searle]
There isn't one consciousness (information-processing) which can be investigated, and another (phenomenal) which can't [Searle]
Brain states must be in my head, and yet the pain seems to be in my hand [Perry]
Does consciousness need the concept of consciousness? [Dennett]
Perhaps the brain doesn't 'fill in' gaps in consciousness if no one is looking. [Dennett]
We can't draw a clear line between conscious and unconscious [Dennett]
Sentience comes in grades from robotic to super-human; we only draw a line for moral reasons [Dennett]
Whether octopuses feel pain is unclear, because our phenomenal concepts are too vague [Papineau]
Our concept of consciousness is crude, and lacks theoretical articulation [Papineau]
We canít decide what 'conscious' means, so it is undecidable whether cats are conscious [Papineau]
Whatever exists has qualities, so it is no surprise that states of minds have qualities [Heil]
If the present does not exist, then consciousness must be memory of the immediate past [Marshall]