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17. Mind and Body / A. Mind-Body Dualism / 2. Interactionism

[mind and matter mutually affect one another]

16 ideas
Only bodies can touch one another [Lucretius]
The contact of spirit and body is utterly amazing, and incomprehensible [Augustine]
Things must have parts to intermingle [Gassendi]
The soul must unite with the body to have appetites and sensations [Descartes]
Interaction between mental and physical seems to violate the principle of conservation of energy [Rowlands on Descartes]
The pineal gland links soul to body, and unites the two symmetrical sides of the body [Descartes, by PG]
Descartes discussed the interaction problem, and compared it with gravity [Descartes, by Lycan]
Mind and brain don't interact if they are the same [Searle]
Mental substance causation makes physics incomplete [Kim]
Cartesians consider interaction to be a miracle [Fodor]
Semantics v syntax is the interaction problem all over again [Fodor]
Body-spirit interaction ought to result in losses and increases of energy in the material world [Teichmann]
The very concept of a substance denies the possibility of mutual interaction and dependence [Scruton]
Maybe dualist interaction is possible at the quantum level? [Chalmers]
Supervenience makes interaction laws possible [Chalmers]
If causation is just regularities in events, the interaction of mind and body is not a special problem [Heil]