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25. Society / D. Social Rights / 2. Social Freedom / e. Freedom of lifestyle

[freedom to live in whatever manner you please]

21 ideas
Bondage and liberation are relative terms, which only frighten those already terrified of the universe [Anon (Cent)]
One principle of liberty is to take turns ruling and being ruled [Aristotle]
It is not good to be too free [Pascal]
The freest state is a rational one, where people can submit themselves to reason [Spinoza]
Freedom is not absence of laws, but living under laws arrived at by consent [Locke]
Freedom in society is ability to do what is right, and not having to do what is wrong [Montesquieu]
Like rich food, liberty can ruin people who are too weak to cope with it [Rousseau]
Appetite alone is slavery, and self-prescribed laws are freedom [Rousseau]
Schiller speaks obsessively of freedom throughout his works [Schiller ,by Berlin]
True freedom is pursuing our own good, while not impeding others [Mill]
Individuals are not accountable for actions which only concern themselves [Mill]
Blocking entry to an unsafe bridge does not infringe liberty, since no one wants unsafe bridges [Mill]
Pimping and running a gambling-house are on the border between toleration and restraint [Mill]
Restraint for its own sake is an evil [Mill]
The free development of each should be the condition for the free development of all [Marx/Engels]
Saints want to live as they desire, or not to live at all [Nietzsche]
The idea of liberation suggests there is a human nature which has been repressed [Foucault]
Freedom needs autonomy (rather than causal independence) - embracing our own desires and choices [Frankfurt]
The most valuable liberties to us need not be the ones with the most freedom [Kymlicka]
Ancient freedom was free participation in politics, not private independence of life [Kymlicka]
Nowadays we identify the free life with the good life [Gray]