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29. Religion / B. Polytheistic Religion / 2. Paganism

[old polytheism, especially in ancient Greece]

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Thales said the gods know our wrong thoughts as well as our evil actions [Thales ,by Diog. Laertius]
Purifying yourself with blood is as crazy as using mud to wash off mud [Heraclitus]
It is wretched not to want to think clearly about the gods [Empedocles]
There are as many eternal unmovable substances as there are movements of the stars [Aristotle]
The Greeks saw the gods not as their masters, but as idealised versions of themselves [Nietzsche]
Paganism is a form of thanking and affirming life? [Nietzsche]
The Greeks lack a normative theology: each person has their own poetic view of things [Nietzsche]
Bruno said that ancient Egyptian magic was the true religion [Yates]
The Jews sharply distinguish human and divine, but the Greeks pull them closer together [Johnson,P]