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28. God / B. Proving God / 1. Proof of God

[using reason to convince of God's existence]

11 ideas
For Aristotle God is defined in an axiom, for which there is no proof [Aristotle, by Frede,M]
God is defended by agreement, order, absurdity of denying God, and refutations [Sext.Empiricus]
God has given us no innate idea of himself [Locke]
Without the principle of sufficient reason, God's existence could not be demonstrated [Leibniz]
There must be a God, because all sensible things must be perceived by him [Berkeley]
There must be a God, because I and my ideas are not independent [Berkeley]
The objects of theological reasoning are too big for our minds [Hume]
Only three proofs of God: the physico-theological (evidence), the cosmological (existence), the ontological (a priori) [Kant]
The God of revealed religion can only be understood through pure speculative knowledge [Hegel]
If the God hypothesis works well, then it is true [James]
'Natural theology' aims to prove God to anyone (not just believers) by reason or argument [Davies,B]