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26. Natural Theory / B. Concepts of Nature / 3. Space / a. Space

[general ideas about space]

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The void cannot interact, but just gives the possibility of motion [Epicurus]
Space is the order of coexisting possibles [Leibniz]
Space is an a priori necessary basic intuition, as we cannot imagine its absence [Kant]
We can't learn of space through experience; experience of space needs its representation [Kant]
Space must have three dimensions, because only three lines can meet at right angles [Kant]
There is 'private space', and there is also the 'space of perspectives' [Russell]
Six dimensions are needed for a particular, three within its own space, and three to locate that space [Russell]
Space can't be an individual (in space), but it is present in all places [Harré/Madden]
Energy fields are discontinuous at the very small [Molnar]
If space is really just a force-field, then it is a physical entity [Burgess/Rosen]
We could ignore space, and just talk of the shape of matter [Hossack]
Hilbert Space is an abstraction representing all possible states of a quantum system [New Sci.]