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2. Reason / E. Argument / 6. Conclusive Proof

[securely establishing a result by precise defined steps]

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Proof reveals the interdependence of truths, as well as showing their certainty [Euclid, by Frege]
Proof moves from agreed premises to a non-evident inference [Sext.Empiricus]
Leibniz is inclined to regard all truths as provable [Leibniz, by Frege]
Proof aims to remove doubts, but also to show the interdependence of truths [Frege]
We must be clear about every premise and every law used in a proof [Frege]
Anything which must first be proved is of little value [Nietzsche]
A successful proof requires recognition of truth at every step [Dummett]
Proof shows that it is true, but also why it must be true [Mayberry]