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12. Knowledge Sources / B. Perception / 7. Causal Perception

[perception as a causal chain from world to mind]

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I prefer the causal theory to sense data, because sensations are events, not apprehensions [Ross]
Causal and representative theories of perception are wrong as they refer to unobservables [Ayer]
Maybe experience is not essential to perception, but only to the causing of beliefs [Armstrong, by Scruton]
Appearances don't guarantee reality, unless the appearance is actually caused by the reality [Dancy,J]
Perceptual beliefs may be directly caused, but generalisations can't be [Dancy,J]
Perceptual concepts can't just refer to what causes classification [Papineau]
Science requires a causal theory - perception of an object must be an experience caused by the object [Lowe]
If blindsight shows we don't need perceptual experiences, the causal theory is wrong [Lowe]
A causal theorist can be a direct realist, if all objects of perception are external [Lowe]
Causal theory says true perceptions must be caused by the object perceived [Bernecker/Dretske]