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[general ideas about nominalism]

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If only the singular exists, science is impossible, as that relies on true generalities [Duns Scotus, by Panaccio]
If things were singular they would only differ numerically, but horse and tulip differ more than that [Duns Scotus, by Panaccio]
Only individual bodies exist [Bacon]
Obviously 'Socrates is wise' and 'Socrates has wisdom' express the same fact [Ramsey]
I am a deeply convinced nominalist [Tarski]
Refusal to explain why different tokens are of the same type is to be an ostrich [Armstrong]
Nominalism only makes sense if it is materialist [Putnam]
'Nominalism' used to mean denial of universals, but now means denial of abstract objects [Dummett]
Nominalism assumes unmediated mental contact with objects [Dummett]
For nominalists, predicate extensions are inexplicable facts [Molnar]
Nominalists only accept first-order logic [Molnar]
Nominalism can reject abstractions, or universals, or sets [Oliver]
Nominalists are motivated by Ockham's Razor and a distrust of unobservables [Hoffman/Rosenkrantz]
Austere nominalism has to take a host of things (like being red, or human) as primitive [Loux]
Nominalists suspect that properties etc are our projections, and could have been different [Williamson]
A 'porridge' nominalist thinks we just divide reality in any way that suits us [Mumford]
Moderate nominalism attempts to embrace the existence of properties while avoiding universals [Moreland]