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8. Modes of Existence / A. Relations / 1. Nature of Relations

[what we should understand a relation to be]

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The separation from here to there is not the same as the separation from there to here [Aristotle]
The only reality in the category of Relation is things from another category [Henry of Ghent]
Relations do not add anything to reality, though they are real aspects of the world [Olivi]
The single imagined 'interval' between things only exists in the intellect [Auriol]
Relations are expressed either as absolute facts, or by a relational concept [William of Ockham]
A man's distant wife dying is a real change in him [Leibniz]
Relations aren't in any monad, so they are distributed, so they are not real [Leibniz]
Peirce and others began the mapping out of relations [Peirce, by Hart,WD]
Because we depend on correspondence, we know relations better than we know the items that relate [Russell]
That Edinburgh is north of London is a non-mental fact, so relations are independent universals [Russell]
The 'positionalist' view of relations says the number of places is fixed, but not the order [Fine,K]
The 'standard' view of relations is that they hold of several objects in a given order [Fine,K]
A block on top of another contains one relation, not both 'on top of' and 'beneath' [Fine,K]
Language imposes a direction on a road which is not really part of the road [Fine,K]
Explain biased relations as orderings of the unbiased, or the unbiased as permutation classes of the biased? [Fine,K]
Most philosophers now (absurdly) believe that relations fully exist [Heil]
Scholastics treat relations as two separate predicates of the relata [Cover/O'Leary-Hawthorne]
If relations can be reduced to, or supervene on, monadic properties of relata, they are not real [Swoyer]
A relation is a feature of multiple objects taken together [Sider]
All relations between spatio-temporal objects are either spatio-temporal, or causal [Bourne]
It is a necessary condition for the existence of relations that both of the relata exist [Bourne]
Relations without relata must be treated as universals, with their own formal properties [Ladyman/Ross]
A belief in relations must be a belief in things that are related [Ladyman/Ross]