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12. Knowledge Sources / A. A Priori Knowledge / 5. A Priori Synthetic

[a priori knowledge which refers to the external world]

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Seeing that only one parallel can be drawn to a line through a given point is clearly synthetic a priori [Kant, by Benardete,JA]
Kant bases the synthetic a priori on the categories of oneness and manyness [Kant, by Bowie]
Kant showed that we have a priori knowledge which is not purely analytic [Kant, by Russell]
We can think of 7 and 5 without 12, but it is still a contradiction to deny 7+5=12 [Ayer on Kant]
That a straight line is the shortest is synthetic, as straight does not imply any quantity [Kant]
That force and counter-force are equal is necessary, and a priori synthetic [Kant]
The real problem of pure reason is: how are a priori synthetic judgments possible? [Kant]
That two lines cannot enclose a space is an intuitive a priori synthetic proposition [Kant]
Are a priori concepts necessary as a precondition for something to be an object? [Kant]
7+5=12 is not analytic, because 12 is not contained in 7 or 5 or their combination [Kant]
We possess synthetic a priori knowledge in our principles which anticipate experience [Kant]
The categorical imperative is a practical synthetic a priori proposition [Kant]
A priori synthetic knowledge is only of appearances, not of things in themselves [Kant]
Hegel reputedly claimed to know a priori that there are five planets [Hegel, by Field,H]
Whether geometry can be applied to reality is an empirical question outside of geometry [Ayer]
We don't have a clear enough sense of meaning to pronounce some sentences meaningless or just analytic [Katz]
Knowing that a cow is not a horse seems to be a synthetic a priori truth [Dancy,J]
Logical positivism amounts to no more than 'there is no synthetic a priori' [Benardete,JA]
Assertions about existence beyond experience can only be a priori synthetic [Benardete,JA]
If we know truths about prime numbers, we seem to have synthetic a priori knowledge of Platonic objects [Benardete,JA]
Appeals to intuition seem to imply synthetic a priori knowledge [Benardete,JA]
Maybe our knowledge of truth and causation is synthetic a priori [Scruton]
If my team is losing 3-1, I have synthetic a priori knowledge that they need two goals for a draw [PG]