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12. Knowledge Sources / A. A Priori Knowledge / 3. Innate Knowledge / a. Innate knowledge

[knowledge that arise from within the mind]

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When Gentiles follow the law, they must have the law written in their hearts [Paul]
Initial universal truths are present within us as potential, to be drawn out by reason [Aquinas]
Our thinking about external things doesn't disprove the existence of innate ideas [Descartes]
Innate ideas are trivial (if they are just potentials) or absurd (if they claim infants know a lot) [Locke, by Jolley]
If the only test of innateness is knowing, then all of our knowledge is innate [Locke]
A proposition can't be in the mind if we aren't conscious of it [Locke]
Innate ideas were followed up with innate doctrines, which stopped reasoning and made social control possible [Locke]
All of our thoughts come from within the soul, and not from the senses [Leibniz]
Arithmetic and geometry are implicitly innate, awaiting revelation [Leibniz]
Children learn language fast, with little instruction and few definitions [Leibniz]
We are equipped with the a priori intuitions needed for the concept of right [Kant]
Innate truths are very uncertain and full of error, so they certainly have exceptions [Peirce]
Contrary to commonsense, most of what is in the mind seems to be unlearned [Fodor]
Evolution suggests that innate knowledge of human psychology would be beneficial [Fodor]
Sticklebacks have an innate idea that red things are rivals [Fodor]