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21. Aesthetics / A. Aesthetic Experience / 1. Aesthetics

[general ideas about the study of art and beauty]

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Baumgarten founded aesthetics in 1750 [Baumgarten, by Tolstoy]
Kant gave form and status to aesthetics, and Hegel gave it content [Kant, by Scruton]
Nineteenth century aesthetics focused on art rather than nature (thanks to Hegel) [Hegel]
Aesthetics concerns how we can take pleasure in an object, with no reference to the will [Schopenhauer]
Aesthetics has risen and fallen with Romanticism [Scruton]
Aesthetics presupposes a distinctive sort of experience, and a unified essence for art [Gardner]
Modern attention has moved from the intrinsic properties of art to its relational properties [Lamarque/Olson]
By 1790 aestheticians were mainly trying to explain individual artistic genius [Kemp]