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[strategy and value of breaking down ideas and reality]

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Philosophical discussion involves dividing subject-matter into categories [Socrates, by Xenophon]
Our method of inquiry is to examine the smallest parts that make up the whole [Aristotle]
Analysis is the art of finding the middle term [Leibniz]
An idea is analysed perfectly when it is shown a priori that it is possible [Leibniz]
Only by analysing is progress possible in philosophy [Russell]
Analysis gives new knowledge, without destroying what we already have [Russell]
Analysis gives us nothing but the truth - but never the whole truth [Russell]
Analysis for Moore and Russell is carving up the world, not investigating language [Moore,GE, by Monk]
Disputes that fail to use precise scientific terminology are all meaningless [Tarski]
Analysis aims at the structure of facts, which are needed to give a rationale to analysis [Urmson, by Schaffer,J]
Philosophers have given precise senses to deduction, probability, computability etc [Quine/Ullian]
Analytic philosophy has an exceptional arsenal of critical tools [Fraassen]
Armstrong's analysis seeks truthmakers rather than definitions [Lewis]
Analysis reduces primitives and makes understanding explicit (without adding new knowledge) [Lewis]
Analytic philosophers may prefer formal systems because natural language is such mess [Simons]
Analysis must include definitions, search for simples, concept analysis, and Kant's analysis [Glock]