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9. Objects / F. Identity among Objects / 4. Type Identity

[being identical in category]

11 ideas
Things such as two different quadrangles are alike but not wholly the same [Aristotle]
The type-token distinction is the universal-particular distinction [Armstrong, by Hodes]
A token isn't a unique occurrence, as the case of a word or a number shows [Cartwright,R]
Type-identity is close similarity in qualities [McGinn]
Qualitative identity is really numerical identity of properties [McGinn]
Qualitative identity can be analysed into numerical identity of the type involved [McGinn]
It is best to drop types of identity, and speak of 'identity' or 'resemblance' [McGinn]
One view is that two objects of the same type are only distinguished by differing in matter [Lowe]
Each thing has to be of a general kind, because it belongs to some category [Lowe]
Tokens are dated, concrete particulars; types are their general properties or kinds [Rowlands]
'I have the same car as you' is fine; 'I have the same fiancée as you' is not so good [Baggini /Fosl]