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3. Truth / A. Truth Problems / 8. Subjective Truth

[no truth, apart from the way individuals see things]

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Observation and applied thought are always true [Epicurus]
Truth is clear and distinct conception - of which it is hard to be sure [Descartes]
My general rule is that everything that I perceive clearly and distinctly is true [Descartes]
Someone may think a thing is 'clear and distinct', but be wrong [Leibniz on Descartes]
For Spinoza, 'adequacy' is the intrinsic mark of truth [Spinoza, by Scruton]
Choose the true hypothesis, which is the most intelligible one [Leibniz]
We hold a proposition true if we are ready to follow it, and can't see any objections [Leibniz]
Traditional views of truth are tautologies, and truth is empty without a subject [Kierkegaard, by Scruton]
Subjective truth can only be sustained by repetition [Kierkegaard, by Carlisle]
I recognise knowledge, but it is the truth by which I can live and die that really matters [Kierkegaard]
The highest truth we can get is uncertainty held fast by an inward passion [Kierkegaard]
True beliefs are those which augment one's power [Nietzsche, by Scruton]
'Epistemic' truth depends what rational creatures can verify [Davidson]
Anti-realist see truth as our servant, and epistemically contrained [Friend]