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24. Applied Ethics / B. Moral Rights / 3. Animal Rights

[concern with the pleasure or pain of animals]

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Avoid the animals you are going to eat, as it is hard once you have got to know them [Mencius (Meng K'e)]
Animals are dangerous and nourishing, and can't form contracts of justice [Hermarchus, by Sedley]
Justice is irrelevant to animals, because they are too unlike us [Chrysippus, by Diog. Laertius]
We don't have obligations to animals as they aren't like us [Chrysippus, by Diog. Laertius]
The world was made as much for animals as for man [Celsus]
Animals feel, but that doesn't mean we can't use them for our pleasure and profit [Spinoza]
Both men and animals are sentient, which should give the latter the right not to be mistreated [Rousseau]
Non-rational beings only have a relative value, as means rather than as ends [Kant]
Men can only have duties to those who qualify as persons [Kant]
Cruelty to animals is bad because it dulls our empathy for pain in humans [Kant]
Large mature animals are more rational than babies. But all that really matters is - can they suffer? [Bentham]
Philosophy treats animals as exploitable things, ignoring the significance of their lives [Schopenhauer]
Protest against vivisection - living things should not become objects of scientific investigation [Nietzsche]
Rights can be justly claimed, so animals have no rights, as they cannot claim any [Ross]
Speciesism isn't like racism, because the former implies a viewpoint which belongs to no one [Williams,B]
Killing a chimp is worse than killing a human too defective to be a person [Singer]
The Capabilities Approach sees animals as agents, not just as having feelings [Nussbaum]
We should respect animals in the way that we respect the animal nature in humans [Nussbaum]
It may be no harm to kill an animal which cannot plan for its future [Nussbaum]
We favour our own animals over foreign ones because we see them as fellow citizens [Scruton]
Brutal animal sports are banned because they harm the personality of the watcher [Scruton]
Many of the stranger forms of life (e.g. worms) interest us only as a species, not as individuals [Scruton]
Animals command our sympathy and moral concern initially because of their intentionality [Scruton]
An animal has individuality if it is nameable, and advanced animals can respond to their name [Scruton]
I may avoid stepping on a spider or flower, but fellow-feeling makes me protect a rabbit [Scruton]
Lucky animals are eaten by large predators, the less lucky starve, and worst is death by small predators [Scruton]
We can easily remove the risk of suffering from an animal's life, but we shouldn't do it [Scruton]
Many breeds of animals have needs which our own ancestors planted in them [Scruton]
Sheep and cattle live comfortable lives, and die an enviably easy death [Scruton]
Concern for one animal may harm the species, if the individual is part of a bigger problem [Scruton]
Letting your dog kill wild rats, and keeping rats for your dog to kill, are very different [Scruton]
Introducing a natural means of controlling animal population may not be very compassionate [Scruton]
Animals are outside the community of rights, but we still have duties towards them [Scruton]