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16. Persons / D. Self as Non-Physical / 4. Kantian Ego

[Self is a necessary pre-condition for experience]

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To some extent we must view ourselves as noumena [Korsgaard on Kant]
For Kant the self is a purely formal idea, not a substance [Lockwood on Kant]
Mental representations would not be mine if they did not belong to a unified self-consciousness [Kant]
I have no cognition of myself as I am, but only as I appear to myself [Kant]
If you think of '2+2=4' as the content of thought, the self must be united transcendentally [Sartre]
If the 'I' is transcendental, it unnecessarily splits consciousness in two [Sartre]
The 'Kantian' self steps back from commitment to its social situation [Kymlicka]
The transcendental subject is not an entity, but a set of conditions making science possible [Meillassoux]