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29. Religion / D. Religious Issues / 1. Religious Commitment / e. Fideism

[belief based on faith, without rational argument]

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Do not seek to know Brahman by arguments, for arguments are idle and vain [Anon (Upan)]
Only by love can men see me, know me, and come to me, says Krishna [Anon (Bhag)]
Always be ready to give reasons for your beliefs [Peter]
I believe because it is absurd [Tertullian]
With respect to religion, reason is a blind whore [Luther]
Faith is like a dancer's leap, going up to God, but also back to earth [Kierkegaard, by Carlisle]
Without risk there is no faith [Kierkegaard]
Faith is the highest passion in the sphere of human subjectivity [Kierkegaard]
'Faith' means not wanting to know what is true [Nietzsche]
'I believe because it is absurd' - but how about 'I believe because I am absurd' [Nietzsche]
Faith is not just belief in propositions, but also putting trust in them [Armstrong,K]
The chief problem for fideists is other fideists who hold contrary ideas [O'Grady]