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14. Science / B. Scientific Theories / 5. Commensurability

[possibility of comparison between theories]

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Many different theories will fit the observed facts [Bacon]
Two goods may be comparable, although they are not commensurable [Ross]
We lack frames of reference to transform physics, biology and psychology into one another [Goodman]
In theory change, words shift their natural reference, so the theories are incommensurable [Kuhn]
Kuhn has a description theory of reference, so the reference of 'electron' changes with the descriptions [Rowlands on Kuhn]
Incommensurability assumes concepts get their meaning from within the theory [Kuhn, by Okasha]
Galileo's notions can't be 'incommensurable' if we can fully describe them [Putnam on Kuhn]
If theories are really incommensurable, we could believe them all [Newton-Smith]
One may understand a realm of ideas, but be unable to judge their rationality or truth [O'Grady]
Two things can't be incompatible if they are incommensurable [Okasha]