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25. Society / B. The State / 5. Leaders / c. Despotism

[corrupt single leader who abuses a state]

11 ideas
Totalitarian states destroy friendships and community spirit [Plato]
People are vengeful, so be generous to them, or destroy them [Machiavelli]
To retain a conquered state, wipe out the ruling family, and preserve everything else [Machiavelli]
A sensible conqueror does all his harmful deeds immediately, because people soon forget [Machiavelli]
The idea that absolute power improves mankind is confuted by history [Locke]
Despotism is arbitrary power to kill, based neither on natural equality, nor any social contract [Locke]
People stripped of their property are legitimately subject to despotism [Locke]
Legitimate prisoners of war are subject to despotism, because that continues the state of war [Locke]
It is evil to give a government any more power than is necessary [Mill]
Power doesn't just repress, but entices us with pleasure, artefacts, knowledge and discourse [Foucault]
Whole populations are terrorist threats to authorities, who unite against them [Baudrillard]