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29. Religion / C. Spiritual Disciplines / 3. Buddhism

[attempt to rise to a pure life by elimination of desire]

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The Buddha believed the gods would eventually disappear, and Nirvana was much higher [Buddha, by Armstrong,K]
Life is suffering, from which only compassion, gentleness, truth and sobriety can save us [Buddha]
Speak the truth, yield not to anger, give what you can to him who asks [Anon (Dham)]
The first stage of trance is calm amidst applied and discursive thinking [Ashvaghosha]
The Buddha sought ultimate reality and the final goal of existence in his meditations [Ashvaghosha]
The Eightfold Path concerns morality, wisdom, and tranquillity [Ashvaghosha]
Nagarjuna and others pronounced the world of experience to be an illusion [Nagarjuna, by Armstrong,K]
Nirvana means safety from sense experience, and hindus and buddhists are just afraid of life [James]
'Buddha' just means a person who is fully enlightened about life [Conze]
Buddhists reject God and the self, and accept suffering as key, and liberation through wisdom [Flanagan]
Four Noble Truths: life is suffering, caused by attachment, it is avoidable, there is a path [Aho]