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29. Religion / B. Monotheistic Religion / 2. Judaism

[followers of one god with a chosen people]

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Amos was the first prophet to emphasise justice and compassion [Amos, by Armstrong,K]
Hebrews were very hostile to other states, who had not given up their rights to God [Spinoza]
Judaism and Christianity views are based on paternal, family and tribal relations [Berlin]
A key moment is the idea of a single moral God, who imposes his morality on humanity [Johnson,P]
Sampson illustrates the idea that religious heroes often begin as outlaws and semi-criminals [Johnson,P]
Isaiah moved Israelite religion away from the local, onto a more universal plane [Johnson,P]
In exile the Jews became a nomocracy [Johnson,P]
Judaism involves circumcision, Sabbath, Passover, Pentecost, Tabernacles, New Year, and Atonement [Johnson,P]
The Torah pre-existed creation, and was its blueprint [Johnson,P]
There is virtually no sign of monotheism in the Pentateuch [Armstrong,K]
Modern Judaism became stabilised in 200 CE [Watson]
The Israelites may have asserted the uniqueness of Yahweh to justify land claims [Watson]
Monotheism was a uniquely Israelite creation within the Middle East [Watson]
Traditionally, God dictated the Torah to Moses, unlike the later biblical writings [Zimmermann,J]