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7. Existence / A. Nature of Existence / 4. Existence as One

[existence seems diverse, but actually is One]

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The parts of all things are susceptible to change, but the whole is unchangeable [Anaximander, by Diog. Laertius]
The basic Eleatic belief was that all things are one [Xenophanes, by Plato]
The one is without any kind of motion [Parmenides]
People who say that the cosmos is one forget that they must explain movement [Aristotle on Parmenides]
There could be movement within one thing, as there is within water [Aristotle on Parmenides]
The one can't be divisible, because if it was it could be infinitely divided down to nothing [Parmenides, by Simplicius]
Defenders of the One say motion needs the void - but that is not part of Being [Parmenides, by Aristotle]
Reason sees reality as one, the senses see it as many [Aristotle on Parmenides]
Being must be eternal and uncreated, and hence it is timeless [Parmenides]
Being is not divisible, since it is all alike [Parmenides]
Being is one [Melissus, by Aristotle]
The only movement possible for the One is in space or in alteration [Plato]
There couldn't be just one element, which was both water and air at the same time [Aristotle]
As all life is one, what need is there for words? [Chuang Tzu]
Unified real existence is neither great nor small, though greatness and smallness participate in it [Porphyry]
In nature there is just one infinite substance [Spinoza]
We can easily think of nature as one individual [Spinoza]
Faraday's single field of variable forces introduces a criterion of Unity into what is ultimate [Faraday, by Harré/Madden]
Reality is one, because plurality implies relations, and they assert a superior unity [Bradley]
If the world is one it has many aspects, and if there are many worlds they will collect into one [Goodman]
We can't deduce the phenomena from the One [Armstrong]
What makes Parmenidean reality a One rather than a Many? [Oderberg]
There might be just one fundamental natural property [Bird]
I take what is fundamental to be the whole spatiotemporal manifold and its fields [Schaffer,J]