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2. Reason / B. Laws of Thought / 4. Contraries

[could both be false, but can't both be true]

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Only one thing can be contrary to something [Plato]
The contrary of good is bad, but the contrary of bad is either good or another evil [Aristotle]
Both sides of contraries need not exist (as health without sickness, white without black) [Aristotle]
Contraries are by definition as far distant as possible from one another [Aristotle]
In "Callias is just/not just/unjust", which of these are contraries? [Aristotle]
There is no middle ground in contradiction, but there is in contrariety [Aristotle]
Two falsehoods can be contrary to one another [Aristotle]
Contrary pairs entail contradictions; one member entails negation of the other [Lipton]