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[general ideas about the Christian religion]

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Jesus turned the ideas of Hillel into a theology reduced to its moral elements [Johnson,P on Jesus]
Christians presented Jesus as a new kind of logos to oppose that of the philosophers [Celsus]
Allah cannot have begotten a son, as He is self-sufficient [Mohammed]
To love God means to love whatever God wills to be loved [William of Ockham]
A tyrant exploits Christians because they don't value this life, and are made to be slaves [Rousseau]
We cannot speak against Christianity without anger, or speak for it without love [Joubert]
Hegel made the last attempt to restore Christianity, which philosophy had destroyed [Feuerbach on Hegel]
Christianity is a pessimistic religion, in which the world is equated with evil [Schopenhauer]
Catholicism concerns God in himself, Protestantism what God is for man [Feuerbach]
The ethics of the Gospel has been supplemented by barbarous Old Testament values [Mill]
The best way to be a Christian is without 'Christianity' [Kierkegaard]
Christianity is a revolt of things crawling on the ground against elevated things [Nietzsche]
Christianity is Platonism for the people [Nietzsche]
Science rejecting the teaching of Christianity in favour of Epicurus shows the superiority of the latter [Nietzsche]
The Sermon on the Mount is vanity - praying to one part of oneself, and demonising the resty [Nietzsche]
Christ seems warm hearted, and suppressed intellect in favour of the intellectually weak [Nietzsche]
Christ was the noblest human being [Nietzsche]
Christian belief is kept alive because it is soothing - the proof based on pleasure [Nietzsche]
How could the Church intelligently fight against passion if it preferred poorness of spirit to intelligence? [Nietzsche]
Christians believe that only God can know what is good for man [Nietzsche]
Primitive Christianity is abolition of the state; it is opposed to defence, justice, patriotism and class [Nietzsche]
Hegel said he was offering an encyclopaedic rationalisation of Christianity [Graham]
The idea that Jesus was God was only settled in the fourth century [Armstrong,K]
Without Christianity we lose the idea that human history has a meaning [Gray]
What was our original sin, and how could Christ's suffering redeem it? [Gray]
Paul's early writings mention few striking episodes from Jesus' life [Watson]
Jesus never intended to start a new religion [Watson]