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18. Thought / A. Modes of Thought / 1. Thought

[intentional activity of the mind]

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For Empedocles thinking is almost identical to perception [Empedocles, by Theophrastus]
The attainment of truth is the task of the intellectual part of the soul [Aristotle]
A pure concept of the understanding can never become an image [Kant]
A thought is as real as a cannon ball [Joubert]
The act of thinking is the bringing forth of universals [Hegel]
People who think in words are orators rather than thinkers, and think about facts instead of thinking facts [Nietzsche]
Thought is the same everywhere, and the laws of thought do not vary [Frege]
Many people have the same thought, which is the component, not the private presentation [Frege]
Thoughts have their own realm of reality - 'sense' (as opposed to the realm of 'reference') [Frege, by Dummett]
A thought is distinguished from other things by a capacity to be true or false [Frege, by Dummett]
We grasp thoughts (thinking), decide they are true (judgement), and manifest the judgement (assertion) [Frege]
Thought is an activity which we perform by the expression of it [Wittgenstein]
Recognition must precede the acquisition of basic concepts, so it is the fundamental intellectual process [Price,HH]
The theories of meaning and understanding are the only routes to an account of thought [Dummett]
A theory of thought will include propositional attitudes as well as propositions [Dummett]
'Tacit theory' controls our thinking (which is why Freud is important) [Derrida]
Thought depends on speech [Davidson]
The goal of thought is to understand the world, not instantly sort it into conceptual categories [Fodor]
Associative thinking avoids syntax, but can't preserve sense, reference or truth [Fodor]
Connectionism gives no account of how constituents make complex concepts [Fodor]
We may be able to explain rationality mechanically [Fodor]
Thinking about a thing doesn't require activating it [Papineau]
Consciousness affects bodily movement, so thoughts must be material states [Papineau]
Is mental imagery pictorial, or is it propositional? [Heil]
You can think of tomatoes without grasping what they are [Heil]
Some behaviourists believe thought is just suppressed speech [Lowe]
Should we take the 'depictivist' or the 'descriptivist/propositionalist' view of mental imagery? [Hanna]
A thought can refer to many things, but only predicate a universal and affirm a state of affairs [Hossack]
We can identify a set of cognitive capacities which are 'higher order' [Machery]