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15. Nature of Minds / B. Features of Minds / 2. Unconscious Mind

[workings of mind hidden from consciousness]

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The movement of Soul is continuous, but we are only aware of the parts of it that are sensed [Plotinus]
I can't be unaware of anything which is in me [Descartes]
La Rochefoucauld's idea of disguised self-love implies an unconscious mind [Rochefoucauld, by Sartre]
If we aren't aware that an idea is innate, the concept of innate is meaningless; if we do, all ideas seem innate [Locke]
It is a serious mistake to think that we are aware of all of our perceptions [Leibniz]
The soul doesn't understand many of its own actions, if perceptions are confused and desires buried [Leibniz]
Half our thinking is unconscious, and we reach conclusions while unaware of premises [Schopenhauer]
We have hidden and unadmitted desires and fears, suppressed because of vanity [Schopenhauer]
Most of our lives, even the important parts, take place outside of consciousness [Nietzsche]
Whatever moves into consciousness becomes thereby much more superficial [Nietzsche]
Freud treats the unconscious as intentional and hence mental [Freud, by Searle]
Since we are a consciousness, Sartre entirely rejected the unconscious mind [Sartre, by Daigle]
Unconscious thoughts are those capable of causing conscious ones [Searle]
Consciousness results directly from brain processes, not from some intermediary like information [Searle]
If all mental life were conscious, we would be unable to see things, or to process speech [McGinn]
How come unconscious states also cause behaviour? [Lockwood]
Could there be unconscious beliefs and desires? [Lockwood]
Research suggest that we overrate conscious experience [Flanagan]