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17. Mind and Body / A. Mind-Body Dualism / 7. Zombies

[possible complete human, but lacking awareness]

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It's impossible, but imagine a body carrying on normally, but with no mind [Leibniz]
Identity theorists must deny that pains can be imagined without brain states [Kripke]
It seems logically possible to have the pain brain state without the actual pain [Kripke]
Without internal content, a zombie's full behaviour couldn't be explained [Searle]
Can we describe our experiences to zombies? [Nagel]
Are inverted or absent qualia coherent ideas? [Kim]
What could demonstrate that zombies and inversion are impossible? [Kim]
If I can have a zombie twin, my own behaviour doesn't need consciousness [Chalmers]
Philosophers' zombies aim to show consciousness is over and above the physical world [Heil]
Zombies are based on the idea that consciousness relates contingently to the physical [Heil]
Functionalists deny zombies, since identity of functional state means identity of mental state [Heil]