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16. Persons / C. Self-Awareness / 3. Undetectable Self

[doubts about perception of the Self by experience]

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Like the eye, the soul has no power to see itself, but sees other things [Cicero]
We can't have an impression of the Self, because it is the receiver of impressions [Hume ,by PG]
Introspection always discovers perceptions, and never a Self without perceptions [Hume]
A person is just a fast-moving bundle of perceptions [Hume]
If an oyster had one perception, that would be its identity. Why should further perceptions make a difference? [Hume ,by PG]
Self-knowledge can only be inner sensation, and thus appearance [Kant]
Our knowledge of the many drives that constitute us is hopelessly incomplete [Nietzsche]
'Know thyself' is impossible and ridiculous [Nietzsche]
In perceiving the sun, I am aware of sun sense-data, and of the perceiver of the data [Russell]
When we are unreflective (as when chasing a tram) there is no 'I' [Sartre]
The Ego never appears except when we are not looking for it [Sartre]
Reporting on myself has the same problems as reporting on you [Ryle]
We identify experiences by their owners, so we can't define owners by their experiences [Ayer]
Sartre says the ego is 'opaque'; I prefer to say that it is 'transparent' [Chisholm]
I cannot observe my own subjectivity [Searle]
Why don't we experience or remember going to sleep at night? [Magee]