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18. Thought / C. Content / 7. Narrow Content

[meaning is inside the mind ('Internalism')]

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We explain behaviour in terms of actual internal representations in the agent [Searle]
Content depends on other content as well as the facts [Kim]
Pain, our own existence, and negative existentials, are not external [Kim]
Concepts aren't linked to stuff; they are what is caused by stuff [Fodor]
Obsession with narrow content leads to various sorts of hopeless anti-realism [Fodor]
Intentionality is based in dispositions, which are intrinsic to agents, suggesting internalism [Heil]
If content is narrow, my perfect twin shares my concepts [Segal]
Before Creation it is assumed that God still had many many mental properties [Merricks]
The hypothesis of solipsism doesn't seem to be made incoherent by the nature of mental properties [Merricks]
Rationalists say knowing an expression is identifying its extension using an internal cognitive state [Schroeter]