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11. Knowledge Aims / C. Knowing Reality / 1. Perceptual Realism / c. Representative realism

[we know reality via mental representations]

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Whether honey is essentially sweet may be doubted, as it is a matter of judgement rather than appearance [Sext.Empiricus]
Hume says objects are not a construction, but an imaginative leap [Hume, by Robinson,H]
Science condemns sense-data and accepts matter, but a logical construction must link them [Russell]
Russell (1912) said phenomena only resemble reality in abstract structure [Russell, by Robinson,H]
There is no reason to think that objects have colours [Russell]
Internal realism holds that we perceive physical objects via mental objects [Dancy,J]
Indirect realism depends on introspection, the time-lag, illusions, and neuroscience [Dancy,J, by PG]
Representative realists believe that laws of phenomena will apply to the physical world [Robinson,H]
Representative realists believe some properties of sense-data are shared by the objects themselves [Robinson,H]