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23. Ethics / C. Virtue Theory / 3. Virtues / a. Virtues

[qualities considered to make a person excellent]

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Unlike us, the early Greeks thought envy was a good thing, and hope a bad thing [Hesiod, by Nietzsche]
The virtues of the best people are humility, maganimity, sincerity, diligence, and graciousness [Confucius]
The virtue of man is thoughtful foresight of future events [Chilo, by Diog. Laertius]
Socrates made the civic values of justice and friendship paramount [Socrates, by Grayling]
A good community necessarily has wisdom, courage, self-discipline and morality [Plato]
Gods exist in a state which is morally superior to virtue [Aristotle]
Justice and self-control are better than courage, because they are always useful [Aristotle]
Friendship is preferable to money, since its excess is preferable [Aristotle]
Zeno says there are four main virtues, which are inseparable but distinct [Zeno of Citium, by Plutarch]
All is vanity, saith the Preacher [Anon (Ecc)]
The cardinal virtues are theoretical (based on knowledge), and others are 'non-theoretical' [Hecato, by Dorandi]
Don't fear god or worry about death; the good is easily got and the terrible easily cured [Philodemus]
Blessed are the meek; for they shall inherit the earth [Jesus]
Every night I critically review how I have behaved during the day [Seneca]
It is shameful to not even recognise your own slaves [Seneca]
The good life involves social participation, loyalty, temperance and honesty [Plutarch]
The six perfections are giving, morality, patience, vigour, meditation, and wisdom [Nagarjuna]
Each part of the soul has its virtue - pleasure for appetite, success for competition, and rectitude for reason [Galen]
There are practical, purificatory, contemplative, and exemplary virtues [Porphyry]
Allah rewards those who are devout, sincere, patient, humble, charitable, chaste, and who fast [Mohammed]
Descartes makes strength of will the central virtue [Descartes, by Taylor,C]
The five Chinese virtues: pity, justice, politeness, wisdom, honesty [Schopenhauer]
Buddhists wisely start with the cardinal vices [Schopenhauer]
The four virtues are courage, insight, sympathy, solitude [Nietzsche]
The Jews treated great anger as holy, and were in awe of those who expressed it [Nietzsche]
Christianity replaces rational philosophical virtues with great passions focused on God [Nietzsche]
Honesty is a new young virtue, and we can promote it, or not [Nietzsche]
The cardinal virtues want us to be honest, brave, magnanimous and polite [Nietzsche]
All societies of good men give a priority to gratitude [Nietzsche]
Courage, compassion, insight, solitude are the virtues, with courtesy a necessary vice [Nietzsche]
A path to power: to introduce a new virtue under the name of an old one [Nietzsche]
Modesty, industriousness, benevolence and temperance are the virtues of a good slave [Nietzsche]
Many virtues are merely restraints on the most creative qualities of a human being [Nietzsche]
Virtues can destroy one another, through jealousy [Nietzsche]
Some virtues imply rules, and others concern attachment [Foot]
If we are essentially free wills, authenticity and sincerity are the highest virtues [Berlin]
The modern virtues are courage, prudence, wisdom, temperance, justice, charity and loyalty [Scruton]
For the virtue of honesty you must be careful with the truth, and not just speak truly [Zagzebski]