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25. Society / B. The State / 8. Culture

[customs, values and habits of citizens in society]

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We seem to have made individual progress since savagery, but actually the species has decayed [Rousseau]
The flourishing of arts and letters is too much admired [Rousseau]
Culture cannot do without passions and vices [Nietzsche]
The high points of culture and civilization do not coincide [Nietzsche]
Every culture loses its identity and power if it lacks a major myth [Nietzsche]
Human cultures are organisms which grow, and then fade and die [Spengler, by Bowie]
If languages are intertranslatable, and cognition is innate, then cultures are all similar [Williamson]
The 'culture industry' is an advertisement for the way things are [Finlayson]
We stabilise societies with dogmas, either of dubious science, or of non-scientific values [Harari]
Culture is the struggle to agree what is normal [Gibson,A]