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3. Truth / C. Correspondence Truth / 2. Correspondence to Facts

[how things are, independently of thought]

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Graspable presentations are criteria of facts, and are molded according to their objects [Chrysippus, by Diog. Laertius]
A true proposition seems true of one fact, but a false proposition seems true of nothing at all. [Ryle]
Facts aren't exactly true statements, but they are what those statements say [Strawson,P]
The fact which is stated by a true sentence is not something in the world [Strawson,P]
Tarski showed how we could have a correspondence theory of truth, without using 'facts' [Hart,WD]
Facts can't make claims true, because they are true claims [Brandom, by Kusch]
Maybe facts are just true propositions [Lowe]
One proposition can be made true by many different facts [David]
What makes a disjunction true is simpler than the disjunctive fact it names [David]
The redundancy theory gets rid of facts, for 'it is a fact that p' just means 'p' [Engel]
Modern correspondence is said to be with the facts, not with true propositions [Horsten]
Instead of correspondence of proposition to fact, look at correspondence of its parts [Jenkins]