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1. Philosophy / D. Nature of Philosophy / 8. Humour

[explaining the nature and sources of what is funny]

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Laughter is mad; of mirth, what doeth it? [Anon (Ecc)]
Sorrow is better than laughter [Anon (Ecc)]
Laughter is a sudden glory in realising the infirmity of others, or our own formerly [Hobbes]
Absurdity is incongruity between correct and false points of view [Schopenhauer]
Wherever there is painless contradiction there is also comedy [Kierkegaard]
Comedy is a transition from fear to exuberance [Nietzsche]
Reject wisdom that lacks laughter [Nietzsche]
The female body, when taken in its entirety, is the Phallus itself [Badiou]
Since only men laugh, it seems to be an attribute of reason [Scruton]
Amusement rests on superiority, or relief, or incongruity [Scruton]
Objects of amusement do not have to be real [Scruton]
The central object of amusement is the human [Scruton]
Humour can give a phenomenological account of existence, and point to change [Critchley]
Humour is practically enacted philosophy [Critchley]