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Single Idea 19862

[catalogued under 25. Society / C. Social Justice / 4. Legal Rights / c. Property rights]

Full Idea

Since property is an inviolable and sacred right, no man may be deprived of it except when public necessity, lawfully constituted, evidently requires it; and on condition that a just indemnity be paid in advance.

Gist of Idea

Property is a sacred right, breached only when essential, and with fair compensation


Mirabeau and committee (Declaration of the Rights of Man [1789], 17)

A Reaction

This covers compulsory purchase orders. Is the ownership of slaves inviolable? Will aristocrats be compensated for the confiscation of their vast estates?

Book Reference

'Les Philosophes', ed/tr. Torrey,Norman L. [Perigee 1980], p.287