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[catalogued under 25. Society / B. The State / 5. Leaders / c. Despotism]

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Forfeiture gives despotical power to lords for their own benefit over those who are stripped of all property. ...Despotical power is over such as have no property at all.

Gist of Idea

People stripped of their property are legitimately subject to despotism


John Locke (Second Treatise of Government [1690], 173)

A Reaction

Nasty! Shylock is stripped of his property by Venice, so these things happened. This is taking the significance of property a long way beyond its role at the beginning of Locke's book. Property is the start of society, but then becomes your passport.

Book Reference

Locke,John: 'Two Treatises of Government' [Everyman 1988], p.206

Related Idea

Idea 19911 If legislators confiscate property, or enslave people, they are no longer owed obedience [Locke]