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[catalogued under 25. Society / B. The State / 1. Purpose of a State]

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All states and communities are something lower than the individual, but necessary kinds for his higher development.

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Individual development is more important than the state, but a community is necessary


Friedrich Nietzsche (Works (refs to 8 vol Colli and Montinari) [1885], 10/7[98]), quoted by John Richardson - Nietzsche's System 2.4 n104

A Reaction

This indicates why Nietzsche should not really be taken as a political thinker, though I would say there is a sort of communitarianism implied in this, just as for Aristotle virtue is supreme, which needs social expression.

Book Reference

Richardson,John: 'Nietzsche's System' [OUP 2002], p.122

Related Idea

Idea 20368 There are no 'individual' persons; we are each the sum of humanity up to this moment [Nietzsche]