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[catalogued under 21. Aesthetics / A. Aesthetic Experience / 3. Taste]

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Taste is the faculty for judging an object or a kind of representation through a satisfaction or a dissatisfaction, ...where the object of such a satisfaction is called beautiful.

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Taste is the capacity to judge an object or representation which is thought to be beautiful


Immanuel Kant (Critique of Judgement I: Aesthetic [1790], CUP 5 5:211), quoted by Elizabeth Schellekens - Immanuel Kant (aesthetics) 1

A Reaction

We usually avoid the word 'faculty' nowadays, because it implies a specific mechanism, but 'capacity' will do. Kant is said to focus specifically on beauty, whereas modern aestheticians have a broader view of the type of subject matter.

Book Reference

'Key Thinkers in Aesthetics', ed/tr. Giovannelli,Alessandro [Continuum 2012], p.62