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[catalogued under 21. Aesthetics / B. Nature of Art / 7. Art as Institution]

Full Idea

To see something as art requires something the eye cannot decry - an atmosphere of artistic theory, a knowledge of the history of art: an artworld.

Gist of Idea

We see something as art if there is a world of theory and history to support it


Arthur C. Danto (The Artworld [1964], p.580), quoted by Sondra Bacharach - Arthur C. Danto

A Reaction

Sounds to me like a Charlatan's Charter. Hence wicked art dealers create an awestruck atmosphere around some artifact, to bully the gullible into accepting it as art. Meanwhile works of genius are dug up with no context.

Book Reference

'Key Thinkers in Aesthetics', ed/tr. Giovannelli,Alessandro [Continuum 2012], p.191