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[catalogued under 25. Society / B. The State / 2. State Legitimacy / d. Social contract]

Full Idea

The use of the social contract in the Rawlsian form inescapably limits the involvement of participants in the pursuit of justice to the members of a given polity, or 'people'.

Gist of Idea

A social contract limits the pursuit of justice to members of a single society


Amartya Sen (The Idea of Justice [2009], 02 'Relevance')

A Reaction

This relates to the criticism of contractarian ethics - that the weak have nothing to bargain with. One can either add international contracts, or appeal to natural human rights. Or we could just be nice to one another? Nah!

Book Reference

Sen, Amartya: 'The Idea of Justice' [Penguin 2010], p.71