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The novelty of Husserl is to describe that we have intellectual intuitions, intuitions of categories as we have intuitions of sense objects.

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Husserl says we have intellectual intuitions (of categories), as well as of the senses


report of Edmund Husserl (Logical Investigations [1900], II.VI.24) by Victor Velarde-Mayol - On Husserl 2.4.4

A Reaction

This is 'intuitions' in Kant's sense, of something like direct apprehensions. This idea is an axiom of phenomenology, because all mental life must be bracketed, and not just the sense experience part.

Book Reference

Velarde-Mayol,Victor: 'On Husserl' [Wadsworth 2000], p.36

Related Idea

Idea 5617 Knowledge begins with intuitions, moves to concepts, and ends with ideas [Kant]