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To my contention that, on his principles, 'the existent round square' exists, Meinong replies that it is existent but does not exist. I must confess that I see no difference between existing and being existent, and I have no more to say on this head.

Gist of Idea

On Meinong's principles 'the existent round square' has to exist


Bertrand Russell (Review: Meinong 'Uber die Stellung...' [1907], p.93)

A Reaction

Russell is obviously invoking the famously dubious ontological argument for God's existence. Normally impossible objects are rejected because of contradictions, but there might also be category mistakes. 'The slow square'.

Book Reference

Russell,Bertrand: 'Essays in Analysis', ed/tr. Lackey,Douglas [George Braziller 1973], p.93

Related Idea

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