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[catalogued under 6. Mathematics / C. Sources of Mathematics / 6. Logicism / b. Type theory]

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In Russell's mature 1910 theory of types classes are defined in terms of propositional functions, and functions themselves are regimented by a ramified theory of types mitigated by the axiom of reducibility.

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Classes are defined by propositional functions, and functions are typed, with an axiom of reducibility


report of Bertrand Russell (The Theory of Logical Types [1910]) by Douglas Lackey - Intros to Russell's 'Essays in Analysis. p.133

Book Reference

Russell,Bertrand: 'Essays in Analysis', ed/tr. Lackey,Douglas [George Braziller 1973], p.133

Related Idea

Idea 14459 Reducibility: a family of functions is equivalent to a single type of function [Russell]