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The great systems of the past serve a very useful purpose, and are abundantly worthy of study. But something different is required if philosophy is to become a science, and to aim at results independent of the tastes of the philosophers who advocate them.

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Philosophical systems are interesting, but we now need a more objective scientific philosophy


Bertrand Russell (Our Knowledge of the External World [1914], Pref)

A Reaction

An interesting product of this move in philosophy is (about sixty years later) the work of David Lewis, who set out to be precise and scientific, and ended up creating a very personal system. Why not a collaborative system?

Book Reference

Russell,Bertrand: 'Our Knowledge of the External World' [Routledge 1993], p.10

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Idea 21461 I tried to be unsystematic and piecemeal, but failed; my papers presuppose my other views [Lewis]