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[catalogued under 7. Existence / D. Theories of Reality / 9. Vagueness / c. Vagueness as epistemic]

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My thesis is that vagueness is an epistemic phenomenon. In cases of unclarity, statements remain true or false, but speakers of the language have no way of knowing which. Higher-order vagueness consists in ignorance about ignorance.

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Vagueness is epistemic. Statements are true or false, but we often don't know which


Timothy Williamson (Vagueness [1994], Intro)

A Reaction

He has plumped for the intuitively least plausible theory. It means that a hair dropping out of someone's head triggers a situation where they are 'bald', but none of us know when that was. And Rembrandt became 'old' in an instant.

Book Reference

Williamson,Timothy: 'Vagueness' [Routledge 1996], p.3